Dr. Weisbein Implants the First ProclaimXR Battery in the World!

Yesterday, Sara, a 33 year old medical technician, wife and mother regained her quality of life.

Thanks to @Abbottglobal and the release of #ProclaimXR, she is one of the first people to experience 10 years of pain relief with her new, recharge free battery. 

Sara wants to go back to hiking, fishing, camping and other activities - without worrying her pain relief will be limited by having to charge her #spinalcordstimulator.

Sara, #BeBold ! #LiveXR !

#healthtech #neuromodulation #lifetothefullest #chronicpain #painawarenessmonth #womeninpainmanagement 


* This patient story is posted with the express written and verbal consent of the patient.

About Abbott ProclaimXR

Jacqueline Weisbein, DO

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