Low Back? We are studying it!


If you have chronic low back pain, you might be a candidate for a clinical trial we are participating in!

In order to qualify for the study, your answers to the following must be YES:*

  1. I have chronic (at least 6 months) low back pain and have been told that I am not a candidate for spine surgery.
  2. I have tried multiple therapies in the past 6 months that have not adequately helped me.
  3. I have not had surgery for my back pain or pain that shoots down my leg.
  4. On a scale from 0=no pain to 10=worst pain, my back pain is at least a 6.
  5. My back pain is the main problem. I may have some leg pain, but it is not as bad as my back pain.
  6. I do not have fibromyalgia or widespread pain (all over my body).

And your answers to all of the following must be NO:*  

  1. My back pain is due to a tumor, infection or damage to my spinal cord
  2. I have severe scoliosis
  3. I have tried other neuromodulation devices
  4. I have or have had an implantable drug pump
  5. My BMI is >40
  6. I am receiving worker’s compensation or am in litigation
  7. I have a known allergic reaction to implanted materials
  8. I have a neurological deficit (e.g. foot drop)

If you meet these criteria, call us today at 707-603-1078 and mention DISTINCT!

DISTINCT Clinical Trial

Jacqueline Weisbein, DO

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