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Jackie & Michele

Michele was in a car accident where she was struck by a semi truck - twice. From that day on she has never been able to walk right and has had horrible chronic pain.

She underwent a lumbar fusion which helped a lot for her back. But her leg pain was just really hard to describe. She has suffered with pain since 2005. She states that with the nerve pain from her surgery, she has not been able to feel her leg. She would have to create like a tourniquet on her leg to make her pain better.

Since the Abbott BurstDR stimulator implant, she feels like her "creepy crawlies are completely gone." She can feel sensation in her foot again.

The pain in her lower back is almost completely gone. She has been able to even decorate her house for Christmas so much faster because she was able to stand.

She is almost tearful as she tells me about how she used to go trick or treating in a wheelchair. And now she was able to take her grandchildren out walking for a number of blocks which she couldn't do before.

If she had to tell someone who was on the fence, she begs, "PLEASE JUST EXPERIENCE THE TRIAL PERIOD." The trial is what helped her figure it out. She reports that she would do this procedure again every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Posted with the express written consent and permission of the patient. 

Jacqueline Weisbein, DO

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