Testimonials & Reviews

Dr. Weisbein talking with patients

“Chronic neck pain to being pain free. In 2006 I had spinal neck fusion to eliminate pain and stabilize my cervical spine – the surgery was not successful and I have been living with chronic pain ever since.+ I have been to many pain physicians trying to get some relief, but nothing has been long lasting or very effective. THEN I went to see Dr. Weisbein at the recommendation of a friend who has also had chronic pain. How extraordinarily lucky I am to be one of her patients now. First we tried Botox injections to the occipitals, trapezius and cervical paraspinal spinal and rhomboid muscles, and it gave me a bit of relief, but since that appointment Dr. Weisbein has, every 3 months, given me injections to block the pain from the bilateral great and lesser occipital nerves and I have been PAIN FREE!!!!! I cannot thank her enough for enabling my life to be without chronic pain. I can take part in life to a fuller extent and know that I can return to her for help at any time. Hallelujah and thank you Dr.Weisbein!!!!” – Inger L. (Submitted 06/15/20)

“She is without a doubt the best I have ever been to for pain. Dr. Wiesbein truly cares about patients, she explains things in an easy to understand manner. I had a procedure (shot in the neck), she informed me of what she was doing as she did it, I felt totally at ease through the whole procedure. And she does take the time to listen to my concerns. I have total faith in her knowledge. She has all the qualities that every doctor should have.” – Charles K. (Submitted 02/28/20)

“In the past, I have avoided leaving reviews of health care professionals. There are many factors beyond a doctor’s control that should not lead to low ratings. For this reason, I typically avoid a review at all, unless a member of my health care is exceptional; Dr. J Weisbein is exceptional. My case has not been an easy one. In 2015, I was injured while on a military mission. The injury resulted in significant complications with my dominant hand, wrist and arm. I also have chronic medical problems in other areas of my musculoskeletal system and central nervous system. My first surgery, related to this injury, was in 2016, I have had many procedures and surgeries since (Dr. Weisbein is not the surgeon that has operated on my wrist). It has been determined that I have permanent damage and will not return to my original health and baseline; knowing this is extremely difficult and stressful: physically, spiritually, financially. I have had many doctors give me a sorrowful look and allude that I will have to adjust to a new life and the new me. Dr. Weisbein, despite knowing the prognosis, never gives up on me, and is not scared to give me a swift kick in the arse (metaphorical), when I want to give up on myself. I went from being an active duty officer, serving in hazardous conditions and under enormous pressure, to being a “patient”, it is a not an easy situation. My retirement from the Uniform Service came much earlier than I had ever considered, yet alone planned for. Since 15, I have worked hard. I have earned degree after degree while working and serving my country full time and raising kids. As a former foster child, I had very little support, I say this to share how turbulent this transition can be. I made healthy choices, and lived with integrity and a dedication to helping others. Some days having that all derailed can be more than overwhelming. Dr. J.W has been my pain management specialist through several unsuccessful surgeries. This woman is strong and brilliant. As a doctor she demonstrates an extreme level of insight and is an absolute trail blazer. This is a tough time to be in medicine, and even more challenging for certain field (pain management is absolutely a daily war in this country). It takes a brave individual to stay true to their course and put their patients well being at the top of their priorities. The front desk staff are amazing; always ready with a smile and willing to help if the can. The clinic staff are wonder, the new PA is empathetic and an asset to the team. People are at their worse in severe pain. It is never an easy day for anyone in medicine, but J.W does not take her understandable frustration out on the patients. When reviewing a practice, try to be fair. Research all the stress added by the government, staffing shortages, battles with insurance. Remind yourself that your doctor is not a machine: they experience loss, have health crises, have bills to pay, student loans, long hours. Most health care professionals are not wealthy. It is not a get rich quick scheme (medicine), it is years of school, long hours, self-neglect, and being an absent family member. Am I a bit emotional today? Yes, I am exhausted, scared, embarrassed by my limitations, haunted by moments from my service years, and crushed by my bodies lack of cooperation, but I remind myself that if it is this hard, where the hell would I be without this brilliant medical team, trying there damndest in a demandable situation. My trust in J.W is unmatched, so much so that I waited for her for a certain procedure as I trust her the most to do it safely and skillfully. If it does not work, it is not for lack of absolute skill. Excuse typos and lack of eloquent words, I spent a tremendous amount of time, pecking keys with my left hand. Napa is blessed. Thanks Doc” – A L. (Submitted 02/04/20)

“I’m 75 yrs old with chronic back pain, spinal stenosis pinched nerves, bones spurs etc…I have gotten a series of facet joint injections… 2 to be exact.. what a relief!!!! Pain free…….for 10 days..so far..” – Joan S (Submitted 12/05/19)

“All my experience with Dr. has been helpful and informative. She continues to give me the best care and I appreciate all her patience helping me through this chapter in my life.” – Emily H. (Submitted 10/07/19)

“Dr. Weisbein is an excellent and caring Physician. She is very knowledgeable and talented in her field. Treats you with dignity and respect. The Doctors staff is very helpful and courteous. I would highly recommend Dr. Weisbein.” – Jan M. (Submitted 10/03/19)

“Dr. Weisbein is very knowledgeable, professional, warm and caring doctor. The staff in the office is always great. This is why I keep going back to her office. I highly recommend.” – Melanie A (Submitted 10/03/19)

“Dr.Weinstein provided me with an alternative to narcotics. In 30 years of chronic pain, she is the only doctor to offer me an alternative to narcotics. I am forever grateful.” – Mark A. (Submitted 10/02/19)

“Dr Weisbein is the best! She always takes the time to listen and find new ways to help with my issues. I trust her with my care 100%.” – Kymberlee C. (Submitted 10/02/19)

“Best doctor I could ask for. She gave me my life back. Gave me hope, when I had none left. Thank you.” – Sara S. (Submitted 10/02/19)

“I can’t say enough great things about the wonderful care that Dr. Weisbein provides to her patients. The Dr. spends the time necessary to understand your concerns and makes sure you have a thorough understanding regarding your problem and the next steps to help with your relief. I am so glad I found Dr. Weisbein, she has helped me so much. I would recommend her to anyone seeking compassionate care with exceptional results. Her staff is top notch as well, all very skilled and caring people.” – Paul K. (Submitted 09/27/19)

“Got to love this doctor she is no nonsense tells it like it is. She is awesome.” – Bruce Y. (Submitted 09/27/19)